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"Theory becomes a material force, once it has gripped the minds of the masses."

- Karl Marx

Karl Marx communism salute

Capitalism is on the brink. An entire generation has known only crisis, austerity, and climate catastrophe. Everywhere we look there is war, poverty, and exploitation. And yet, the rich continue to see their wealth grow enormously.

People are correctly beginning to draw the conclusion that the root of the problem is capitalism itself. A third of young people in Britain now believe that ‘communism is the ideal system’.

But it being ideal is not enough to bring it about. The lessons of history clearly show that what we need is a revolution. And the only force capable of transforming society is the working class, when organised and mobilised. 

The working class is now on the move, in Britain and across the world. But for it to be victorious, a fighting, revolutionary leadership is required.

Revolution Festival, hosted by Socialist Appeal; the British section of the International Marxist Tendency; is a three-day festival of communist ideas, put on for the sole purpose of training the revolutionary leadership required for the struggle ahead. Buy your ticket now, and join hundreds of communists from around the world in preparing for revolution.