Revolution 2019

Revolution 2019 is a three-day festival of Marxist ideas, hosted in London by Socialist Appeal, with talks and discussions on current events, history, philosophy, and economics.

This year's event commemorates Britain's revolutionary history - from the 19th century Chartist movement, to the 1926 general strike, to the political battles taking place at the present time.

With the status quo collapsing all around us, these movements provide valuable and inspiring lessons for activists looking to organise, fight, and transform the world today.

Buy your ticket now for this exciting festival and join the revolution!


Revolution 2019 is being held in Student Central, Malet Street, London.


Accommodation is available for those coming from outside of London.

Books & Merchandise

A full range of Marxist literature will be on offer throughout the festival.


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Alan Woods is the editor of In Defence of Marxism and author of Marxist books, such as Reason in Revolt, Bolshevism: the Road to Revolution, and Reformism or Revolution.

He will be speaking at this year's festival on the Communist International: 100 years on.

Rob Sewell is the editor of Socialist Appeal and author of In the Cause of Labour.

He will be speaking alongside leading figures from the labour movement at this year's opening rally: For a socialist Labour government!.

Marie Frederiksen is the editor of the Danish Marxist journal, Revolution.

Marie will be speaking at this year's festival about the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of Stalinism.


If you have any questions about Revolution 2019, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. To book your place at this year's festival, please click here.