Why we need a revolution

Date: Sunday 31st October
Time: 17:30 - 18:30
Speaker: Alan Woods

Capitalism is in its deepest ever crisis. The status quo is collapsing all around us. From the global COVID-19 pandemic, to the climate catastrophe, to the mass movements against racism and oppression: it is clear that the system is broken.

The old world is dying. And all the crises, violence, and misery we see today are a reflection of this – representing the birth pangs of a new society that is struggling to be born.

Karl Marx described revolution as the midwife of history: the only way of easing these birthing pains. But this requires organisation, education, and agitation.

Above all, we must equip ourselves with the scientific ideas of Marxism – and turn these ideas into a material force by building an organisation of revolutionaries, in Britain and internationally. 

In this closing rally, Alan Woods – editor of In Defence of Marxism – will explain why we must build the forces of Marxism in order to help to deliver a socialist future into this world. We urge all those attending Revolution Festival 2020 to join us in this task.

Immediately following this session will be a discussion with leading Socialist Appeal activists about how you can get involved with Socialist Appeal in the struggle for socialism. So stick around to find out more, or if you have any questions about getting organised in the fight for revolution.

Ticket holders can click here and login to access the online event, view the talk, and participate in the discussion.

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