Why only revolution can save the planet

From wildfires in Europe, to floods in Pakistan and China, to heatwaves in North America, to drought across the African continent: it is clear to all that climate catastrophe is already with us. The wolf is at the door. Capitalism is killing the planet.

One wing of the establishment pins the environmental crisis on overpopulation and other Malthusian excuses: on ‘too many people’ consuming too many goods; on society ‘living beyond its means’.

Another wing, increasingly gaining traction in left-wing circles, denounces the idea of ‘growth’, calling instead for an economy based on ‘zero growth’ or ‘degrowth’.

In this talk, Lubna Badi will explain why both these camps are wrong; why it is the logic of capitalism – an anarchic system of production for profit – that is to blame for climate chaos; and why only revolutionary struggle and socialist planning can save nature and society.

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