Violence against women: How do we end it?

Date: Saturday 5th November
Time: 10:30 - 12:15
Location: Hilda Clark Suite
Speaker: Sarah Vedrovitch

In March of this year, the Huffington post released the statistic that 112 women, in the UK, had been killed by men in the previous 12 months. Since then, the murder of Sarah Everard sparked large protests across the country. It is no surprise that people felt this wound deeply, given the endemic crisis of women's safety. Women spoke out in their thousands about the fear of walking home at night; harrowing stories were told of assaults and harassment as women shared tips on the best ways to use your keys as a weapon in the face of attack. Women's clinics were overrun and underfunded and women from the US, to Afghanistan, to France and India faced these crimes.

This anger which has been sparked raises an important question: How do we solve this crisis?

The question of women’s liberation has always been a key one for Marxists. From Engels’ famous text ‘The Origins of the Family, State and Private Property’, explaining the roots of women’s oppression to Lenin saying ‘That we hate, yes hate, everything and will abolish everything which tortures and oppresses the woman’, and passing reforms which began to free women from this oppression.  We must follow in the footsteps of these greats. The first step is understanding.



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