Trump, Biden, and the deepening world crisis

Date: Saturday 30th October
Time: 17:30 - 19:00
Speaker: Alan Woods and Tom Trottier

2020 will be remembered in the history books as a decisive turning point. But even before the coronavirus crisis, the outlook for global capitalism was bleak. Over a decade after the 2008 crash, growth was still slow; a trade war between the US and China was in full swing, Brexit was unfolding; and so-called ‘populism’ was on the rise everywhere.

It should therefore come as no surprise then that millions of people are questioning the status quo like never before. The pandemic has shone a spotlight on all the injustices and inequalities that exist under capitalism. The genie is now out of the bottle. It is clear that there will be no returning to ‘normality’.

It is against this turbulent background that voters in the USA will go to the ballot box on 3rd November. But the ‘choice’ they face is dismal: either four more years of the reactionary and racist Trump regime in the White House; or a Democratic administration led by Joe Biden – the candidate of Wall Street and the American establishment.

At the same time, anger and rage is pouring out on the streets, as workers begin to move into action and the Black Lives Matter movement fights against oppression and police violence.

As Alan Woods (editor of In Defence of Marxism) and Tom Trottier (from the editorial board of Socialist Revolution, USA) will explain, therefore, the task for socialists is to get organised for the battles that lie ahead, as we enter into the opening chapters of the world revolution.

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