The Union - will the United Kingdom survive?

Date: Sunday 6th November
Time: 10:30 - 12:15
Location: Majorie Sykes
Speaker: Shaun Morris

The seemingly unstoppable rise in support for Scottish Independence has the ruling class wringing their hands with worry. The breakaway of Scotland, or even Wales or the North of Ireland, threatens to reduce the power and prestige of their United Kingdom into a diminished Little England.

All the Tories' attempts to reverse this apparent trend towards the breakup of Britain are either ineffective or counterproductive, as the rolling crisis of capitalism causes more and more people to turn their backs on the rotten British bourgeoisie. Gone are the days of Empire, and after just over 300 years, the historical foundation of the British State -- the Union between Scotland and England -- is being questioned.

What the ruling class fears above all, however, is the social upheaval that could be unleashed by the struggle for self-determination in Scotland and the fracturing of the United Kingdom.

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