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The state, the police, and capitalism

Date: Sunday 6th November
Time: 13:15 - 15:00
Location: Majorie Sykes
Speaker: Olivia Ruadh

Thousands of people have been on the streets this year trying to ‘Kill the Bill’ and stop the government giving more powers to the police. Strengthening the repressive apparatus of the state is a threat to all workers and young people.

The capitalist state, that is in essence the police, army, courts, and prisons, is a weapon of the ruling class used against the rest of us. We need to understand how it has developed, how it’s maintained, and how to fight against it.

But we also need to consider what society would look like without a capitalist state. We don’t want to live in chaos, so what will replace the state under socialism? From the Paris Commune to the Russian Revolution, and with other examples from history we can work out how to fight the capitalist state, and what society could look like without it.

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