The rise of China: Communist or capitalist?

Date: Saturday 30th October
Time: 15:30 - 17:15
Speaker: Fred Weston

China has risen rapidly to become a major global power. It now represents a serious challenge to US imperialism, which only 20 years ago claimed hegemony over world capitalism. The result has been an ever-deepening trade war between the two countries, which has escalated in recent months with the tussle over Huawei and Tik Tok.

Some argue that China’s ascent and development is a vindication of communism, presenting the potential for a new economic model.

But, in reality, China’s rise is being accomplished with all the same brutal capitalist methods used by every imperialist power in history: exploitation of the working class at home and abroad; repression against the Uighurs and Hong Kongers; and profit-seeking policies that are exacerbating the contradictions of the capitalist system worldwide.

In this session, Fred Weston – editor of – discusses what attitude Marxists should take to the Beijing regime, and outlines the future perspectives for China, its working class, and the coming Chinese revolution.

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