The revolutionary ideas of Friedrich Engels

Date: Saturday 30th October
Time: 13:30 - 15:15
Speaker: Adam Booth

Alongside Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels was one of the founding fathers of ‘scientific socialism’. Though often considered as playing second fiddle to Marx, there can be no doubt of Engels’ extensive and outstanding contribution to Marxist theory. His collaboration with Marx was far from one-sided. 

The philosophy of Marxism – dialectical materialism – is our most powerful tool and sharpest weapon; not only in analysing the world around us, but transforming it on this basis. And with his writings such as Dialectics of Nature and Anti-Dühring, Engels helped to draw out the key principles of dialectics, which he described as “the science of the general laws of motion and development of nature, human society and thought”.

This November marks the 200th anniversary of Engels’ birth. To commemorate this, Adam Booth introduces a discussion on the vital role that Friedrich Engels played in developing the revolutionary ideas of Marxism.

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