The Monarchy: Tourist attraction or reactionary relic?

Date: Sunday 6th November
Time: 10:30 - 12:15
Location: William Penn Suite
Speaker: Andy Southwark

We’re often told that the monarchy is little more than harmless pompery, the equivalent of a shiny ornament atop the solid Christmas tree of British democracy. It’s there to look nice but doesn’t actually affect how the country is run. And after all, isn’t the Queen a lovely lady who works mightily hard? 

But the sinister truth couldn’t be further from this myth peddled by the ruling class. From the death of Princess Dianna to Meghan Markle’s recent revelations we’ve been afforded a glimpse at rotten stench that lies at the heart of this reactionary institution. 

Come to this talk to hear how the Monarchy remains an important reserve of power and has been purposefully maintained by the capitalist class as a counter-revolutionary weapon that will undoubtedly be deployed in their fight against socialism.

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