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The Cuban Revolution: Where is it going?

Date: Saturday 5th November
Time: 13:15 - 15:00
Location: Hilda Clark Suite
Speaker: Keelan Kellegher

The Cuban Revolution was one of the most inspiring events in history that saw the first workers' state created in the Western hemisphere. The enormous achievements of the revolution in healthcare, education and in securing independence for Cuba from the clutches of US imperialism continue to be a beacon for the oppressed masses of Latin America and the world.

It is for this reason that US imperialism has waged a relentless struggle against the revolution, they are desperate to extinguish the flame that continues to inspire so many. The criminal US embargo, and the persistent sabotage and subterfuge that it carries out have created significant problems for the revolution. Recently this has been compounded by the severe impacts of the pandemic that has deprived the island of vital tourist income and made it even more reliant on imports than before. 

Crucially another factor at play has been the role of the bureaucracy. Their response to the crisis has been to slowly move towards the restoration of capitalism and an abandonment of the planned economy. This is a road to ruin. Instead the workers must be put in control of the economy and there must be a fight to spread the revolution to break Cuba's isolation!

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