The crisis of the European Union

Date: Sunday 27th October
Time: 15:00 - 16:45
Location: Student Central, Room 3E
Speaker: Jorge Martin

The European project faces crises on all levels. Economically, the euro zone remains stagnant, with Italy weighed down by a mountain of debt and Germany on the brink of recession. Refugees and migrants are being left to drown in the Mediterranean as they seek to escape from war and poverty. And far-right politicians across the continent are continuing to gain an echo, benefitting from anger towards the broken status quo.

Brexit, meanwhile, has placed the whole existence of the fragile European Union in question, whilst also opening up a heated debate within the left and labour movement about whether to be in favour of Leave or Remain.

In this talk, Jorge Martin discusses the deep crises afflicting the European Union, and explains why Marxists must oppose this capitalist club and fight instead for a Socialist United States of Europe.

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