The crimes of British imperialism

The history of the British Empire is littered with hideous crimes. From the partitions of India and Ireland, to the suppression of the Mau Mau uprising, to the violent Jallianwala Bagh massacre, to its murderous role in the Easter Rising and Bloody Sunday; it is impossible to mention all the brutality of British imperialism.

Many brave anti-imperialists fought and died for the cause of expelling the British from their countries. It is our duty to learn from this history. The British empire has been reduced to a faint shadow of its former self; with its former colony, India, overtaking it economically. 

Despite this, the legacy of the British Empire lives on. Many previous colonies are still struggling to break free from the economic and political backwardness forced upon them by the British state. 

In this session, Sarah Vedrovich will discuss the rise and fall of the British Empire and the heroic attempts to fight back against British forces, showing the treasure trove of historical lessons which must be absorbed if we are to end imperialism and capitalism today.

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