The collapse of French imperialism in West Africa

The rapid fall of the French-backed government in Niger is only the latest in a series of anti-French coups in the Sahel, a region beset by instability and imperialist interference. Having suffered setbacks across the so-called ‘coup belt’, from Guinea to Sudan, French imperialism and its allies are in a state of panic.

The desire of the African masses to expel Western imperialism is thoroughly progressive, and will be a driving force in the revolution across Africa. But the imperialists to the east, both Russia and China, are seizing the opportunity to cover their own desires of domination in flowery phrases about ‘democracy’, ‘development’, the ‘rule of law’. This is taken straight out of Western imperialism’s playbook.

In this session, Josh Holroyd will discuss the collapse of French imperialism in West Africa, and why, if the revolution is to succeed, the masses of Africa must rely on their own strength, and the support of the international working class.

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