The Chartist Revolution

Date: Friday 29th October
Time: 19:00 - 20:30
Speaker: Rob Sewell

The revolutionary traditions of the British working class are glossed over by the establishment. One such tradition is that of the Chartists. Decades before the formation of the TUC, the British working class dramatically entered onto the stage of history, threatening the ruling class with a mass insurrectionary movement and a general strike.

In the process, the Chartists succeeded in building the political party of the working class in history, which drew the support of the young Marx and Engels.

In this session, Rob Sewell presents his new book, Chartist Revolution, which delves into this radical episode in British history. He analyses the moment when the working class began to flex its muscles and demand key political rights, such as the right to vote, and how revolutionary conclusions were forced in the struggle itself.

In this we find a tremendous legacy. We stand on the shoulders of giants. It is only by rediscovering our revolutionary past that we can learn the lessons that will serve to educate and inspire all those who wish to change the world.

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