Spain's revolution against Franco: the great betrayal

Date: Saturday 31st October
Time: 17:30 - 19:00
Location: Student Central, Upper Hall
Speaker: Alan Woods

The story of the Spanish revolution of the 1930s is generally quite well known to most people on the left. But there is a surprising lack of knowledge about the events that occurred subsequently. And yet the story of how the Franco dictatorship was eventually brought down by a revolutionary movement of the Spanish working class is an inspiring one.

That revolution was shamefully betrayed by the leaders of the Communist and Socialist parties, who entered into an agreement with former fascists in order to halt the movement in its tracks.

At this special plenary rally, Alan Woods - who participated personally in the last phase of this revolutionary struggle - will be launching his new book on the history of this period: Spain's Revolution Against Franco: the Great Betrayal.

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