Scotland and the National Question

Date: Sunday 27th October
Time: 10:30 - 12:15
Location: Student Central, Room 3E
Speaker: Ellen Morton

The 2014 independence referendum turned Scottish politics upside down. As the campaign developed, it became a mass movement with a life of its own, beyond the control of the SNP leaders. This is because the campaign was not so much based on nationalism, but on a strong anti-establishment mood. It is an example of how, when the masses begin to move, all of the plans of bourgeois politicians are disrupted.

More recently, the YES movement has been in an ebb. But the election of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and the threat of a no-deal Brexit have once again boosted the support for independence. Labour, meanwhile, has faced internal arguments over whether to support a second independence referendum. And the SNP might well find themselves needed to support a left-wing coalition government in Westminster after the next general election. 

In this talk, Ellen Morton asks: where is Scotland heading today? What is the future of the independence movement? And how can we really reject the broken status quo in Scotland, Britain, and internationally?

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