Marxist economics: how capitalism works - and how it doesn't

Date: Saturday 26th October
Time: 13:30 - 15:15
Location: Student Central, Room 3D
Speaker: Nigel Warren

It is over a decade now since the economic crash of 2008. This crisis is the deepest in the history of capitalism - and it is not over yet. The defenders of capitalism, meanwhile, have no answers or solutions. By their own admission, the economic ideas they put forward have proven useless at best, and harmful at worst.

Over 150 years since Karl Marx first published Capital, it remains the only work that comprehensively explains the workings of the capitalist system - and why it must be overthrown.

In this talk, Nigel Warren will introduce the basic concepts behind Marxist economics; discuss how these apply to the economic problems we encounter in the real world today; and explain why socialism is the only way forward.

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