Logistics and locations

Revolution 2020 will take place online and across Britain between 23-25 October.

The festival will begin with a rally on Friday evening. On Saturday and Sunday there will be three timeslots, each with three parallel sessions. Saturday evening will end with a plenary session. And the festival will finish on Sunday with a closing rally.

After the closing rally, there will be a special session discussing how you can get involved with Socialist Appeal and join the fight for revolution.

By buying a ticket, you will be able to access all of the festival's talks and discussions online, through this website, with the opportunity to participate, ask questions, and make contributions.

Ticket holders will be sent login details close to the festival opening. These can be used to gain access to the links to the Zoom meetings, where each talk and discussion will be hosted.

Login here, and then browse the talks and timetable to find the session you are interested in attending. Visit the page for the relevant session, then click on the Zoom webinar link to join the meeting.

Once inside the Zoom meeting, you can indicate to the chair if you would like to come into the discussion to ask a question or make a contribution. Don't be afraid - there's no such thing as a stupid question! All we ask is the contributions are kept comradely in tone. Abuse or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

Finally, please help spread the word throughout the weekend by using the hashtags #RevFest2020 #WorldOnFire and #Marxism on social media, along with a picture of yourself watching the festival.

So don't hesitate - buy your ticket today and join us for Revolution 2020!