The limitations of direct action

The capitalist system is in a deep global crisis. Its decline has devastating consequences, not only in terms of social and economic conditions, but also the destruction of the planet.

This is bringing about a political awakening amongst many layers of society, with an increase in political activity of all kinds. In particular, some are drawn towards the methods of ‘direct action’ and ‘civil disobedience’,

In this talk, Joe Russell will examine the limits of ‘direct action’ groups like Just Stop Oil, XR and, even to some extent, the self-proclaimed communist organisations.

By revisiting some of Lenin’s theory in the early 1900s, and by examining political developments today, Joe will present a Marxist approach to these struggles, which match-up to the period of revolution that is opening up in front of us.

Recommended reading: Direct action versus class struggle

Further reading: What the ‘Friends of the People’ Are and How They Fight the Social-Democrats (V.I. Lenin) / Socialism and Political Struggle (Plekhanov)