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The life and ideas of Lenin

Date: Sunday 6th November
Time: 10:30 - 12:15
Location: Hilda Clark Suite
Speaker: Rob Sewell

151 years ago on 22 April, Vladimir Lenin, the great Marxist and leader of the Russian Revolution, was born. For over a century, there has been a sustained campaign to slander his name and distort his ideas, ranging from bourgeois historians and apologists to various reformists, liberals and assorted anarchists.

Their task has been to discredit Lenin, Marxism, and the Russian Revolution in the interests of the “democratic” rule of bankers and capitalists. Hundreds of newspaper articles, books, TV and radio documentaries have been produced with this express purpose in mind, all of which talk of coups and the Bolsheviks being German agents. These claims have absolutely no basis in reality.

Lenin's understanding of the Marxist method allowed him to correctly navigate the twists and turns on the road to revolution. Anyone seriosuly committed to fighting for socialism must learn from his life and ideas. Nearly 100 years after his death, we pay homage to this great man, his work, and his courage. Lenin combined theory with action and personified the October Revolution. Lenin and the Bolsheviks changed the world; our task at this time of capitalist crisis is to finish the job.


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