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Joe Biden: Myths and Reality

Date: Sunday 6th November
Time: 15:15 - 17:00
Location: William Penn Suite
Speaker: Joe Attard

When Joe Biden won the 2020 US Presidential election, the bourgeois establishment world over breathed a collective sigh of relief. After four years of Donald Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ destabilising the global capitalist system, a ‘respectable statesman’ was back in charge! Many workers and youth were also glad to see the back of Trump’s reactionary, racist demagogy, though few had genuine enthusiasm for the Democratic establishment’s ‘lesser evil’ candidate.

But, a year into his tenure, what has become of ‘Uncle Joe’?

He promised stability – but before he even got to the Oval Office, a frenzied mob attempted to storm the Capitol building. He pledged trillions in new spending measures in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic – but these are all foundering in the Houses, while the spectre of inflation looms. He promised to restore America’s international prestige – but the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan has humiliated US imperialism on the world stage.

The intensifying crisis of US capitalism has caused the myth of Joe Biden to unravel, exposing him as a hapless stooge of an ailing system. Meanwhile, the intense polarisation of US society will see the class struggle reach new heights in the coming period, with the tremendous Black Lives Matter protests last summer offering a taste of the battles to come.


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