Is Britain heading for a revolution?

Date: Saturday 30th October
Time: 10:30 - 12:30
Speaker: Ellen Morton

The coronavirus crisis has hit Britain harder than most. The UK is a world leader in terms of ‘excess deaths’ from the pandemic, and is experiencing a deeper recession than almost any other developed capitalist country.

On top of this, Boris Johnson is presiding over the shambles that is Brexit, which will be a devastating blow to UK big business. And the breakup of the Union is increasingly likely, as support for Scottish independence rises.

All of these titanic events demonstrate the special crisis of British capitalism, which has been undergoing decline for over a century. Already the poodle of US imperialism on the international stage, ‘Great Britain’ will soon be reduced to ‘Little England’ – a humiliating fall for the former workshop of the world.

In this session, Ellen Morton of the Glasgow Marxists discusses how these crises are laying the basis for revolution in these islands. The task ahead is to build a Marxist leadership in Britain and beyond.

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