Imperialism & the question of Taiwan

Capitalism is at an imperialist impasse. After decades of domination by the US, the world capitalism system is being destabilised by America’s relative decline. Now China is seriously challenging the US for markets and spheres of influence.

The relative decline of US imperialism, means the rise not only of China, but of regional powers such as Russia. The shifting tectonic plates of the imperialist system have been producing tremors for a few years, but the war in Ukraine is an earthquake.

In this turbulent context, the question of Taiwan has become central. The parallels with Ukraine are very clear. Does this mean that we will see war fought over Taiwan? Would this lead to World War III? That this prospect is dangled over the lives of billions of people, more than 75 years after WWII, is an indictment of the capitalist system.

In this session, Daniel Morley will discuss imperialism and the question of Taiwan, and why capitalism must be overthrown and replaced with international communism if we are to ever see an end to war.

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