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How can Palestine be free?

Date: Saturday 5th November
Time: 15:15 - 17:00
Location: Sarah Fell
Speaker: Francesco Merli

The brutal bombing of Gaza by an overpowering Israeli military force last May unleashed a strong and unified response by the Palestinians. In the occupied territories, the refugee camps and the diaspora, workers and youth joined forces with an unprecedented movement of the Palestinians living within Israel. This culminated in the Palestinian General Strike of 18 May.

This impressive movement inspired a new wave of solidarity throughout the world. Resistance and solidarity, however, are not enough to resolve the poisonous national and religious divisions upon which the oppression of the Palestinians has been based. These are fuelled by the conniving interests of imperialism, the Israeli ruling class and the reactionary Arab regimes in the region. Imperialist aggression is followed by imperialist “peace”, but the brutal oppression of the Palestinians continues.

What are the historical causes of the conflict in Israel and Palestine? What is the role of British and US imperialism? We will be discussing which way forward for the Palestinian struggle against oppression and for national liberation, and how it connects with the revolutionary movement against capitalism on a world scale.

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