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COP26: Can capitalism save the planet?

Date: Saturday 5th November
Time: 10:30 - 12:15
Location: Waldo Williams Suite
Speaker: Joe Russell

As the Marxists meet in London for Revolution Festival 2021, world leaders are gathering in Glasgow for COP26 – the latest international climate summit.

With the latest IPCC report signalling a ‘code red for humanity’, and with droughts, heatwaves, fires, storms, and floods already wreaking havoc across the planet, all eyes are on these talks to urgently address the impending environmental catastrophe.

For all their grand rhetoric, however, the truth is that capitalist politicians are offering nothing but hot air when it comes to the fight against global warming. Promises of a Green New Deal are a case of too little, too late. Talk of ‘sustainable investment’ is all too often simply greenwashing by polluting corporations. And big business governments have effectively abandoned vulnerable communities when it comes to adapting to climate change.

In this talk, Joe Russell discusses the climate crisis facing society, examining the so-called ‘solutions’ presented by the ruling class, and explaining why none of these can offer a way forward, due to the barriers of profit, private ownership, and the nation state. Far from saving us, capitalism is killing the planet. We need a revolution.


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