What should communists do about the Ukraine war?

The Trades Union Congress recently passed a motion called “Solidarity with Ukraine”. Full of grand sounding phrases about “fighting tyranny”, its essence is to offer support to the British ruling class in its intervention, which is motivated by imperialist aims.

This is a scandalous position which goes against the interests of workers in the west, in Ukraine, and in Russia too. This is a reactionary war between US imperialism and its NATO allies on one side, and Russian imperialism on the other. A victory of either side will not lead to Ukrainian “sovereignty”, but further domination of the country by one or the other imperialist powers.

A real working-class position would start by denouncing the hypocrisy of the UK government’s foreign policy, highlighting its imperialist aims, and demanding that not a penny is spent on foreign military adventures, while millions are being cut from social spending at home.

In this session, Hamid Alizadeh will show why the only way forward is proletarian internationalism. Communists in each country must fight their main enemy — their ruling class at home.

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