Can capitalism realise the potential of AI?

To some, Artificial Intelligence (AI) constitutes an existential threat to humanity. To the Dot Com speculators, it represents an investment gold rush. To the bosses, it is a means to cut labour costs and boost profits. To workers and the middle-class, it is an increasingly menacing threat to stable employment.

Communists must have a sober understanding of AI, which, in the last analysis, is a tool, like any other. In the hands of the capitalists it will be used to squeeze workers, alienate us from our labour, and debase our culture. One thing is certain: AI will increasingly be a factor in the class struggle. We have begun to see this already in the recent strike of Hollywood writers.

In this talk, Joe Attard will show how the potential for AI to benefit humanity is undermined by the regime of private property, and why this must be overthrown to liberate mankind from the relentless machine of capitalist production.

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