Capitalist crisis, class struggle, and Marxism in Britain today

Date: Friday 4th November
Time: 18:30 - 21:00
Location: The Light
Speaker: Rob Sewell

The class struggle in Britain is sharpening by the day. With the economy collapsing, inflation rising, and austerity biting, it is clear that the Tories and the establishment are looking to make workers, the youth, and the poor pay for their crisis – a crisis of capitalism.

Instead of attacking the government, however, Keir Starmer and the Labour right wing are attacking left-wing members: waging a witch-hunt; suppressing democracy and debate; and expelling grassroots activists – including Socialist Appeal, the Marxist tendency, which has been banned from the party.

Workers are beginning to fight back against the attacks of the bosses and the Tories, and are moving into action. Strikes are breaking out against ‘fire and rehire’; nurses and NHS staff are campaigning for the 15% wage rise they deserve; and a national public sector strike is on the cards, with local government workers also rejecting the government’s derisory pay offer.

In this opening plenary session of Revolution Festival 2021, Rob Sewell (editor of Socialist Appeal) will discuss the explosive events taking place in Britain – explaining what lies in store for the labour movement, and why we must build the forces of Marxism in order to play a leading role in these titanic battles.


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