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Capitalism vs science: Innovation, industry, and ignorance

Date: Sunday 6th November
Time: 15:15 - 17:00
Location: Sarah Fell
Speaker: Anthony Oakland

The COVID pandemic has starkly revealed how capitalism is at odds with scientific progress and the needs of humanity. Despite largely being funded by government money and developed with the help of public institutions, it is Big Pharma parasites who have reaped the rewards when it comes to coronavirus vaccines. While the billionaires profit, billions across the world sit waiting to be jabbed.

But the problem is bigger than ‘just’ COVID. Far from driving forward innovation, the profit motive has become a huge barrier to the development of technology and science. Intellectual property rights incentivise secrecy over collaboration. Competition leads to a massive duplication of efforts and a huge squandering of resources. And capitalist austerity is cutting away at university budgets, hampering public research into new, pioneering fields of knowledge and understanding.

In this talk, Anthony Oakland looks at how capitalism is holding back science, discussing why we need a new ‘scientific revolution’, and why only socialism can provide the conditions for humanity to realise its full potential.

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